Porto, Portugal

After our longest bus ride yet we landed in Porto, Portugal. Though it was the longest (13 hours) transit, it was the most enjoyable because of the breathtaking views of the northern coast of Spain and Basque Country. Porto has spectacular mountains, rich history, and the famous Douro River. Just south of Porto across the Douro River is Gaia, the land of Port. We spent three days wandering the streets, drinking port, and of course, laying on the beach.

The red roofs and endless winding cobblestones made every turn another wonderful view.

The Luís I Bridge and Douro River

We wandered across the famous Luís I Bridge for beautiful views of the Douro River. On the right is Porto and the left is Gaia. Bringing us to our next stop.

Port Tasting at Taylor’s

We went to Taylor’s Cellar for a self guided tour and tasting. There are many Port cellars in Gaia but we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to drink Port with peacocks.

Matosinho’s Beach

Porto’s beach was beautiful.. except for the relentless wind. People had prepared for sand whipping around but we clearly had not. Luckily we weren’t alone and we able to rent a villa for the afternoon. Totally worth €7.

We spent the rest of our time enjoying local cuisine and wine. We were told by multiple people to try a francesinha, Portugal’s famous sandwich. A recommendation took us to Gazela, and we were not disappointed.

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