A Weekend in London, England

As we neared the end of our six weeks with the UK, we couldn’t miss out on the biggest city and cultural hub, London. We couldn’t have been luckier as it was the best weather of our trip so far!

Our first night in London we had dinner plans with old friends. Fresh pasta in the London Bridge area sounded amazing. We walked the scenic route along the Thames River from SoHo. Unfortunately the first place was completely sold out of pasta by 7pm (crazy) but they gave us a recommendation for the another hip pasta spot. It was a wonderful night of catching up and enjoying pasta from Grape & Flour.

Thames River

We stayed in a microhotel, meaning it had a bed, a bathroom, and basically nothing else! It was modern and hosted a lounge with free coffee drinks and an amazing happy hour. It was perfect for a quick few days. This was our first accommodation without a kitchen so we ventured out for brunch at Bourne and Hollingsworth. The spot was incredibly adorable with live plants and floral chairs. They had one of the best bloody mary’s ever. Great way to start our London day. We hit the Museum of London for some quick history and a stroll by St. Paul’s Cathedral before regrouping for a night out.

We wanted to walked through Chinatown and had amazing Bao Buns, Micks favorite dinner of the trip this far. We wandered back to Soho and naturally went to Soho House for some wine and reminiscing about Micks years with the company. We had heard about this underground lounge called the TeaRoom, so we headed up the street. We took the stairs several floors unground and drank house-made Chinese liqueurs.

Chinatown in SoHo

Our last and final day in London we dedicated to all things tourist. First stop, lunch. We found this gem called Bills with an eclectic vibe and plants galore. We went by Big Ben (though it’s closed for 2 years for renovations), then by Buckingham Palace, and took in views of the London Eye. We ended at the British Museum, which is one of the most beautiful and grand museums we’ve seen yet. We gravitated to the ancient Egypt and mummy exhibit. We spent most of our time here, but unfortunately the museum was just too large and busy to conquer in one afternoon.

London Eye

London was a beautiful end to our UK trip. On to France!

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