A Week With The Beatles – Liverpool, England

Okay, so maybe not a week with The Beatles but it’s hard to go to Liverpool and not notice their influence around the city. Here are the highlights of our week in Liverpool.

We were surprised when we arrived that the entire city center is a shopping complex. A very modern and gigantic walkable shopping center, which we quickly walked through to the more historic places nearby. We knew this week would be geared towards cool music venues and historic bars, but as first-timers, we also wanted to check out a few museums. So far in the UK every museum has been free (they ask for a £5 donation), which is great for our budget. Unfortunately, we were bummed to learn the Beatles Museum was not free, and we decided to use our money more wisely. Luckily, the Liverpool Museum currently had a large John Lennon Exhibit, so it perfectly satiated both our museum and Beatles needs. Also scattered across the city are little mementos to the Beatles. Great for a non rainy day.

There were two bars/venues that were high on our list for The Beatles tour- The Cavern Club and The Jacaranda. Locals let us know that The Cavern Club was pretty touristy but we couldn’t pass it up. Located multiple floors unground is a literal cavern bar with two stages. It has been home to many locals, rising stars, and famous artists. They had two Beatles cover bands (that played some other covers as well) performing that night. It was a really eclectic group that was divided between an older generation reliving the music and a younger generation experiencing it. Shadow boxes lined the walls, an obvious note of how the bar has changed, with famous photos and paraphernalia. It was still a great time and both bands killed it.

The Jacaranda is less touched and remains similar to when it was in its heyday. The first floor hosts live music and a bar, while the upstairs has old vinyls and a record player on each table to let you play at your leisure.

With a little bit of the touristy stuff out of the way we wanted to have an authentic night out. We picked the Furnival Well, an old bar in a restored jail. Booths are tucked into old cells and you can feel the history inside with an eerie vibe. We sat and ordered a drink with a chatty manager who let us know that they were hosting a rum cocktail competition that night. As we sat playing cards at our table, we quickly had three of the contest participants join us. They taught us a new game and invited us to join them on the way to the next stop – The Motel, a local dive bar where we enjoyed a night of getting to know real life in Liverpool.

We spent the rest of the week touring local coffee shops, restaurants, and a gin distillery. A fun week but on to the next – London bound!


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  1. Tina Schell says:

    Clearly you are braver than I am. I’d have been totally claustrophobic in the lower level bar as well as the prison cell!!!

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