An Afternoon in Manchester – Manchester, England

We didn’t have much time in Manchester but we certainly didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to experience even just a little bit of the city. We mapped out a loop of downtown with a few stops to make it in time to our 6:00PM train back to Liverpool.

Necessary first stop- coffee. We had found a cute local coffee shop right off the train, but when we walked up there was about 6 seats in a shipping container in the middle of the park. It was very adorable but we were looking to read for a bit and thought it might not be the hang out for a while type of coffee shop, so we wandered on. This beautiful entrance to Pot Kettle Black caught our eye. It was perfect for what we needed and the nutella hazelnut brownie did not disappoint.

First on the list was The John Rylands Library. Mick had found this gem and the great hall was spectacular. You can read there too! If only we had more time…

Next up was the Science and Industry Museum. There were a lot of hands-on exhibits, so we got a quick lesson in textiles and machinery in Manchester over the years. Unfortunately it seemed we picked a day that was hosting numerous field trips and kids were dominating the space. A bit overwhelmed we moved across the street to the Air and Space Hall. This unassuming warehouse hosted large jets, planes, and cars. Pretty cool.

Our last stop was the Manchester Museum and it was definitely the highlight of the day. Right in the center of the University of Manchester the museum had multiple floors filled with fossils, art installations, a green house, and a frog exhibit. We have never seen so many taxidermied animals.

We walked back to the train while taking in the architecture of Manchester. Manchester is the first city we had been to with such modern architecture with historic buildings mingled in. One day we will be back and fully experience everything Manchester has to offer. Cheers!

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