Packing for a Scottish Island

Packing for five months abroad in a single carry-on plus a tiny zip-on parasite bag (not the technical term) is no easy feat. How do you plan for six weeks in rainy 50 degree temperatures followed by four months in the European summer? We are still in the UK so I will only be addressing the do’s and don’t’s of my time in Scotland, notably on an island.

What I brought for the island:

• Two long sleeves

• Three sweaters

• Two hiking\yoga pants

• One pair of jeans

• Slip on walking shoes

• Running shoes

• Jacket

• Poncho

I have to admit that we were extremely luckily as the first three weeks we didn’t see a single rain drop and the sun was shining. Though this was great for us, it was not great for Scotland as they were in desperate need of some rain. I was thinking to myself “wow, pretty much nailed the packing thing” and then it rained…. or should I say down-poured. I spent a week attempting to dry my shoes on heaters and pretend I wasn’t miserable in my non-waterproof attire. So to sum it up, here is how I would have packed with the same amount of space given my current knowledge.

What I should have brought:

• One long sleeve

• One tight long sleeved under armor

• Two pairs of jeans

• One pair of waterproof pants

• One pair of yoga pants

• One thick wool sweater

• One sweatshirt


• Running shoes

• Jacket

• Tall socks

• Poncho

• Gloves

Noteworthy items to bring:

• Sunscreen (easy to get sunburnt even on a cloudy day)

• Midge spray

• Sunglasses

• First aid (fishing out ticks)

• Large water bottle

After all is said and done I think it could have been worse. I did however promptly buy new shoes the day I was back on the mainland. Lesson learned.



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