(Free) Sightseeing Adventures – Glasgow, Scotland

When traveling for five months it’s best to keep budgets in mind. Free activities are a must. We have greatly enjoyed walking to and from to get a lay of the land and enjoy local architecture.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

We were fortunate to be staying down the block from the Botanic Garden. Our fellow traveler friend Rikki was here and we went exploring the gardens together on a rare sunny morning. The gardens contain two large green houses along with numerous outdoor gardens. It’s easy to get lost in the dense tropical green houses while taking breaks from the heat with refreshing walks along the river.

The Lighthouse

Mackintosh’s historic lighthouse. Follow the spiral staircase to the top floor for spectacular views of Glasgow. Sprinkled throughout the previous floors are art installations and small galleries. Mackintosh’s models and designs were our favorite exhibit. One of his signature chairs is pictured below. He believed in designing a house down to every detail, which was clear in the furniture on display. Very much a Beetle Juice/Tim Burton vibe coming through.


Iconic Scottish Modern art museum with the public library in the basement. Located in the heart of downtown Glasgow, it’s a must see. Every minimalist dream.

University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow dates back to the 1500s and features spectacular architecture that feels straight out of Harry Potter (it isn’t, we checked). This happened to be on our walk to Kelvingrove Museum and it was a hugely pleasant surprise. If you feel like splurging (if you can call it that) take a tour of the Mackintosh House for ¬£6. Charles Mackintosh was a famous Glaswegian architect known for helping to create Glasgow’s style of art and design. He was also featured in every Museum we entered and was the architect for The Lighthouse.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Located in the Kelvingrove Park is the Art Gallery and Museum with quirky displays along with classics featuring Monet, Picasso, and Matisse. The centerpiece is a Pipe Organ made by Lewis & Co.

Kelvingrove Park

A beautiful city park with winding paths and statues scattered throughout. It’s lively with playgrounds, football (soccer) fields, skate park, amphitheater, tennis centre, and home to the Kelvingrove Museum.

Buchanan Street

One of the main shopping areas in Glasgow and home to numerous attractions – the GoMA, The Lighthouse, and George Square. The square is known for hosting weekend festivals!

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