Island Fun – Kerrera, Scotland

So how do you keep busy on an island with 60ish people and no ferries past 6:00pm? We were quick to learn and found out that there is plenty to do to keep busy. Here are some of the extracurricular activities that took up our free time.


There is a clear trail around the south half of the island, but we found that exploring the rest of the island was much more fulfilling. Morning hikes were a wonderful way to start the day and sunset hikes in the evening were a great way to end a full day. On days off we ventured further, sometimes all the way to the north end with snacks and sandwiches as sustenance.

Music Night

Martin and Aideen had plenty of friends come stay in the bunkhouse throughout the month, but music night with Jo and Mikey was the most memorable for us. We were treated to a night of Norwegian folk music featuring a fiddle, an accordion, a nyckelharpa (you read that right, see picture below), and a Brazilian tambourine. Many of the other islanders came to enjoy the music that night too, it was delightful to get such a close look at a Kerrera gathering.

Marina Trip

Martin wanted to treat our team to a night out on the island, so what better place to take us than to the only restaurant in Kerrera? The marina is on the far north end of the island and features a fresh seafood restaurant just off the harbor. With only a dirt road (sort of) leading the way, we grabbed our beers and prepared for a bumpy ride to dinner. The drive was also a good chance to get a quick tour of the north part of the island from Martin, who was able to point out who’s house and who’s cow/sheep we were passing along the way.


We had plenty of down time to play dice, card games, board games, and outdoor games. We consider ourselves game savvy, but nothing was more humbling than getting crushed in UK Trivial Pursuit. Twice. On nicer nights we took advantage of the late sunsets by throwing a frisbee or hitting golf balls into the distance, which we had to promptly hunt for.


Though it never got above 65 degrees, on one sunny day the crew felt brave enough to walk to the shore and jump in the ocean.

Excuse the blurry video!

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