Oban Day Trip – Oban, Scotland

The ferry schedule makes it difficult to get to and from the mainland so we try to use our days off to get to the local city of Oban. We have done some of our own research and received some recommendations about the highlights of the town. Here is how we have spent our days off in Oban.

Today we set out to finish our Oban bucket list, here’s how it went.

The first time we walked the four miles but wanted to expedite the process so we borrowed bikes and rode the hilly terrain to the ferry and then into the town. After a quick coffee we made our way around town.

McCaigs Tower

We were told this would be the perfect spot to see Oban and the neighboring islands. The view did not disappoint. It was an uphill 15 minute walk but was well worth the trek.

Oban War and Peace Museum

Curious about the history of the town, we made our way to the Oban War and Peace Museum. Being right on the water, Oban played a huge part in both World Wars, but we’ll save you the history lesson.

Fish and Chips

There are two places in town known for Fish N Chips. We just picked one, apparently the wrong one accordingly to our hosts but they were quick to bring the other home. We are no experts but greatly enjoyed both. The two powerhouses are Norie’s and Fish N Chips (apparently the favorite).

The Oban Distillery

We had been looking forward to this tour far before arriving in Oban and it didn’t disappoint. A small distillery with only about 1 million bottles produced each year. We took the 1 hour tour, featuring the distillation process and two drams. Founded in 1794, we heard the rich history and why it is limited in production. They tried to expand into the rock wall behind the building but found a cave with 5000 year old remains, halting the process and declaring it a historical site.

We tasted two drams. One straight from a 9 year old barrel at a whopping 58.1% alcohol and the famously known Oban 14 year.

Oban Chocolate Shop

A perfect pairing for the scotch we picked up, we decided to stop at the popular chocolate shop on our way back. There was a huge assortment, but we were excited about the goodies we left with (chocolate covered honeycomb and praline chocolate bark).

The Oban Inn

The local hotspot for a quick pint and luckily for us- strong WiFi to write this quick review of Oban. It’s exactly what you picture for a local port pub. Stone floors, live music, and dark wood. Perfect.

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