24 Hours – Glasgow, Scotland

It’s official, we’ve said our goodbyes and put the last of our things in storage. We’re on our way to Kerrera and reflecting on the 24 hours it took to get here (which have been a whirlwind).

The first leg of our trip was a seven hour flight from O’Hare to London- Gatwick. We were nervous because neither of us had been on an international flight, but we were hopeful that we would sleep overnight and wake up without jet lag. Nope. Between our excitement and the drunk guy sitting behind us, it was difficult to get more that an hour of sleep.

After a tough 7 hours, we were greeted by a 2-hour line to get through customs. Panic set in. We had done our research on how long we could stay in the UK and EU without a visa (6 months and 90 days respectively), but this was the moment of truth. The interrogation by the customs agent was straightforward but nerve wracking.

“When will you be leaving the UK?” “Where will you go after the UK?” “Can you prove that you are leaving when you say?” – We were asked to provide our train ticket from the UK to Paris. “What is your career?” Followed by, “What is a sommelier?”

After about 10 minutes of questions, we got our first stamp. We’re in!

Our next flight was a breeze, just a quick hour to Glasgow, followed by a 15 minute bus to our hotel. Greeted with a complimentary glass of wine and cheese spread, we finally had a sense of relief. Now we could relax, so after a quick shower, we started to feel human again.

We walked around the gray and misty city center, it was exactly how we had imagined Scotland. We walked into a local pub, had a pint and watched soccer (football?), had a quick bite and headed back to the hotel. Our first official day in the books.

We woke up rested, got a massive coffee, and headed to the Scotrail, just a block from the hotel. Off to Oban! The train was very similar to the Metra system we were used to in Chicago, so navigating our tickets and the train station was no problem. It was a three hour train through the beautiful Loch Lommond National Park, lush, green, and mountainous like we had hoped.

We landed in Oban. A beautiful city just a quick 5 minute ferry from our stay at Kerrera Island.

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  1. Molly Martin Cook says:

    I can smell the air and feel the elation of the start of your trip. The misty air, amazing architecture and luscious green landscape! How romantic!!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Becky Martin says:

    Ellyn and Mick…safe traveling. Will be following your journey.

    Liked by 1 person

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