Travel Abroad in Europe APPS

In just a little over two weeks we leave for Europe and planning is well underway. This is going to be a before and after post as I have not used these apps abroad…yet. I have downloaded and navigated my way through these apps in hopes of making my day to day slightly more efficient.


Previously known as GoEuro, Omio features a platform to search all modes of transportation through Europe and what the best route is. It allows you to store tickets and keep your itinerary at your fingertips. This has been a great tool for figuring out how to get from Country to Country, City to City. I haven’t tried it locally yet. The only downside I can see so far is it appears you need to print some tickets. This could be a problem on the run! But I still have high hopes that this will make my life easier.

City Mapper

Now for local transport. City Mapper is a great tool for getting around locally from buses, trains, walking, or taxi/lyft/uber. It’s basically google maps but lets you know the ETA of public transit which is a huge time saver. I am new to this app so I am hoping it works well!


This app is AMAZING and I hope accurate, because how would I know? It allows multiple functions to assist with navigating different languages. The phrases section allows you to search common phrases and select how casual you want it to be from Formal – Slang, along with an audio recording. It has a voice and image translator, this will come in handy for menus and street signs. Not only does it have translations but also a general etiquette section. It’s extremely important to respect the customs of the country. A wealth of knowledge in one app.


First and Foremost, I am not using this app for the reviews or ratings but as a way to save activities with a convenient map and information. I cannot see it being incredibly important but a great way to condense ideas with pricing, duration’s, websites, and location all in one click.


Everyone is familiar with AirBnB and I am thrilled that it existed in my time of travel. Hotels do not give you the feeling of being submerged in a culture. I love the idea of waking up and drinking coffee in a cozy apartment. Something I haven’t tried before but cannot wait to to is AirBnB Experiences. Could be a really cool feature to try new activities off the beaten path.


A great communication tool not only in Europe but talking to our friends and family back home. WhatsApp allows you to text/call/video chat all over wifi to any other device with WhatsApp.

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