I wish I was the type of person to just book a plane ticket and go. Find my path along the way, jump on trains, sleep in hostels…. but I need a plan.

Over a year ago we with started with the idea of traveling the world and expanding our wine knowledge. We threw dozens of ideas of how we could work on vineyards and integrate ourselves into new cultures. After careful planning, a lot of changes, and the discovery of Workaway. Below is the itinerary of our journey for almost six months of traveling the old world of Wine.

May 1st – June 10th Kerrera Island, Scotland, UK

June 10th – June 13th – Manchester, England, UK

June 13th – June 15th – Liverpool, England, UK

June 15th – June 18th – London, England, UK

June 18th – June 23rd – Paris, France

June 23rd – June 24th – Bordeaux, France

June 24th – July 15th – Bordeaux Vineyard, France

July 15th – July 19th- Porto, Portugal

July 19th – August 2nd – Dao Vineyard, Portugal

August 2nd – August 7th – Madrid, Spain

August 7th – August 11th – Barcelona, Spain

August 11th – August 15th – Rome, Italy

August 15th – August 18th – Milan, Italy

August 18th – September 12th – Italian Vineyard, Italy

September 12th -September 16th – Nice, France

Now, we fully plan for this to not go as planned. But hey, we had to start

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